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NoNico pills
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NoNico Pills is an Ayurvedic combination, contains 12 active herb which is result oriented safe & effective. It gives same palatable flavor as your habitat product, therefore getting instant response  after putting on the tongue(within 10 seconds). Key benefits:- NoNico pills does not contain Nicotine therefore there is no addiction and side effects. How to Take :- The desire to Smoking or Tobacco, take 1/2 pill, put on tongue & suck and swallow, This process repeat whenever you want to eat/smoke in the day up to 21 days*. or As directed by Physician. If you have constipation after quieting the tobacco, here suggesting take HariHar tablet (another multipurpose used Herbal Laxative) at bed time with warm water for first 10 days together. So in day take NoNico Pills for 21days & at bed time Harihar tablet for 10days. *Condition:- Remove the Gutkha - cigarette from the pocket and keep only the NoNico pills take up to 21 days.

  • Without Nicotine so No-Addiction,No-Sideffects
  • Help to cure Withdrawal symptoms
  • Same Palatable flavor offer Instant response
  • 100% Natural-Ayurvedic-Safe-Effective
  • Helps to quit in 21 days*

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